Thursday, October 30, 2008

8/24/05 Cool floor for my tummy

OO mamy my tummy hurts and the floor feels so cool and

i am scard i dont understend this do u mamy

help me mamy it hurts i am just 11 mo old and bossy did this to me



we hope all u littel beans will have a save and funn day and same goes for all u beautiful fur babys GRRRRR LOA

Tuesday, October 28, 2008




Now wher is my old bed Do u call this being #1 i dont fik so and just as i get confy the daddy bean coms and tell me ME #1 to move he is just so rudddddddddd samtime i want to put the bite on him but he wont let me he is no funn And as u can see i am just a LITTEL GUY but i neet a big bed
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Thursday, October 23, 2008






just old ones of my lover guy when he was just 2 yrs old and the only one lol And he is rotten and the king and the ruler of my house and my sole mate and he just loves the ladys lol
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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

my hobby




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i do samtimes when iam not whineng about bossy lol my cats ar on a strike and wont do nothing funny so for now iam out of photos util i bring in my plants

Saturday, October 18, 2008

x-mas in iceland

well Xmas did not go well in iceland our 1st one

and our bean told us over and over it was going to be our last one. Iceland dont have trees so we made do After all it all about having funn Right and trying to burn the house down and his wiskers and paw BOSSY BOSSY BOSSY my mamy told him But her did not know i tell him to do it when my mamy was not looking but he was slow moving so mamy see him do it NEWER ME IAM A GOOD GIRL

here he is wondring my mamy wont light it so he can play wif it my broy was so funny and silly me and mamy know u ar all tierd of hering about him Posted by Picasa but we is having funn doing this but thank to all of u for droping by to sey hi WELCOME BACK CASPER

Friday, October 17, 2008

my new mamy????


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i am make beleve i can finde a ninny and my bean came in and seen this on her bed my wuffy let me do this and then wuffy and i go to sleep see i am just 3yers old and samtime my mom steppa let me and shmoo do this heheheh we just babys

Monday, October 13, 2008

Stil in iceland 2004

Me and bossy trying to stey worm it gets BURRRRRRRRR cold in ice land
Her we ar plaing wif water this APT is so small no wher to play but ic the WC wes just luv lookin at it and WONDER
wher is it going the water ? we going to finde out. SEE his tale this is how he got his name BOTTOM in icelandic means BOSSI he did have a cut BUT I miss u big guy
Whate u talka me we is bizzy her .BOSSI AND STEPPA ARE just 10 wk old in this pic, got them at 8 wk old
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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Continuation of your storry in iceland

well gess who yes us 3in iceland in a littel bitte apt In this pic u can see your playroom behind us
our bean is trying to show us how to use a pc but we are to bizzy
whate is this fing
now us tierd working on going to go nite nite and as u all can see our new mammy is in love wif us
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Friday, October 3, 2008

HI IT IS ME me the Ice Quen Steppa

Well u all the bean is taking a brack from taking about me and my bubba Bossy her going to make a BIO about us her gat to finde all the pix of us this BIO will make u cry and smile a lot my Bubba Bossy was a mess and u get to see when my babys come to the world
my bean is telling her self her can find all the pic of us i am going to lay her in my Big box OO can u all tell me IS THIS BOX MAKING ME LOOK FAT O HER ORED A FINK OF THE WEB TO TAKE ALL HER 3 AND 1/2 FLAPPY ON TO A CD Me and Bossy ar all on a flappy u know from in the day so if u dont see us on her dont worry the rest of cat fami will stop an see u alls blogs BUT ME IAM JUST STEY HER AND BOX PS bean wants to sey fank to all u furbays for your kind words and for leting your baby's use your PC to come and see us HUGS AND ROSES TO ALL
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Wednesday, October 1, 2008


.In 9/1/2004 you and Steppa come in to this world in Iceland. Us beans came to iceland to live one month later and not knowin about you too But in November i found a photo in the newspaper seying FREE TO A GOOD HOME of you and Steppa she was looking at the cam but u did not i fell in love with her so i calld and the lady had 2 left Steppa and you and she asked if she can stop by on her way to show you of to a lady and i told her ok the lady did not want you she did want Steppa But you first bean told the lady Sorry if u dont take him we take him home So the bean came to my house and she opend up your cage and you pop out first hahaah and looked at me like seying Hi lady do you like funny littel boy cat well if u dont dont worry u will and iam steying hahahahah And me and Dady bean fell in love lol