Wednesday, October 1, 2008


.In 9/1/2004 you and Steppa come in to this world in Iceland. Us beans came to iceland to live one month later and not knowin about you too But in November i found a photo in the newspaper seying FREE TO A GOOD HOME of you and Steppa she was looking at the cam but u did not i fell in love with her so i calld and the lady had 2 left Steppa and you and she asked if she can stop by on her way to show you of to a lady and i told her ok the lady did not want you she did want Steppa But you first bean told the lady Sorry if u dont take him we take him home So the bean came to my house and she opend up your cage and you pop out first hahaah and looked at me like seying Hi lady do you like funny littel boy cat well if u dont dont worry u will and iam steying hahahahah And me and Dady bean fell in love lol


Quasi said...

I've never known any Icelandic kitties before! Do you know Bjork?

ML said...

What a sweet story.