Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Just me Steppa

WELL in my new home i have found a place wher i can chill
I am the Ice Quen my mammy tella me so here i go when i dont want to be found and IF u tell i will SCAPP u
and now iam looking at my self in the sink in iceland Xmas O4
I am just a baby so dont tell no one u found me he he PS the mammy has a new wuffy blog so now her dont have to put her on our blog so pass the word thanks it on the sid bar clik on MY Lily and you can tell all the wufy lover about Lily i hope some one will come and give her a new home so her will quet trying to eat me and my 4 littel sweet babys bean sey her is jus plaing so do Jr man and mus sey
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