Friday, November 14, 2008

all about the muses MEME

Me littel Mus # 1 i dont like u to look at me #2 i love laing on my bean neck wen her is blogin for me #3 i love FISH FLACKS from aunt momsbizzy
#4 i dont like this when the big furball is trying to eat me
5 Will samone tell the wuffy to get and stey of me Her is allway trying to roll over me #6 i love whe my bean repps me up in her blanky and just me and her go in her room #7 i love a pinc of coffe my bean just give it to me samimed SOOOOOOOO tasty
mybean fink i is beautiful but to skinny and her dont like when i make her neck all weet wenn i fall a sleep but she just tell the kid bean it is ok i so littel he #8 I love to be left alone but i love my bean her funny looking he hePosted by Picasa i tagd #1 casper 2 kezoku neko 3 mickey 4 Goldensade 5 viktor the vemp 6 Mr Hendricx 7 Everycat 8 Prailen