Friday, November 14, 2008

all about the muses MEME

Me littel Mus # 1 i dont like u to look at me #2 i love laing on my bean neck wen her is blogin for me #3 i love FISH FLACKS from aunt momsbizzy
#4 i dont like this when the big furball is trying to eat me
5 Will samone tell the wuffy to get and stey of me Her is allway trying to roll over me #6 i love whe my bean repps me up in her blanky and just me and her go in her room #7 i love a pinc of coffe my bean just give it to me samimed SOOOOOOOO tasty
mybean fink i is beautiful but to skinny and her dont like when i make her neck all weet wenn i fall a sleep but she just tell the kid bean it is ok i so littel he #8 I love to be left alone but i love my bean her funny looking he hePosted by Picasa i tagd #1 casper 2 kezoku neko 3 mickey 4 Goldensade 5 viktor the vemp 6 Mr Hendricx 7 Everycat 8 Prailen


Everycat said...

These are interesting things. We really like learning all about you. You are all so very lovely. Thank you for tagging us, we will do the Meme early next week. We haven't done a Meme before! It will be fun!

Have a lovely weekend, and I hope you get wrapped up and have private snuggle time with your Mum.

Whicky Wuudler, Angel, Oliver, Gerry and Mum

Goldie, Shade and Banshee said...

Great meme!!!

We'll have to think about that for the weekend!!!

Purrs Goldie

Mickey said...

Thanks for the tag!!! I am so glad that the furball did not eat you,hahahahahahaha!!!!!
Purrs Mickey

Anonymous said...

hehe they re great things!! Especially the neck cuddles.. Momma wished I would do that..
I understand about the coffee.. I love it and try to get it all the time, but Momma and Dada will not let me have it coz they say like chocolate it is very very bad for us kittehs, it makes our heart race and could cause heart attacks and other nasty stuffs...
I find that totally unfair don't you? :)

hehe Thank you for tagging me too! But I has already done it :)
Have a great weekend guys!! :))