Monday, January 19, 2009

My Webkinz

Aunt Shirley send me to my mom and she fell in love wif me i am werry cut Gego and mom play on my side all the times It is fur kids But the older foks like this to lol
Iam #2 and my name is GIGI I am a Dinosaur and i am so cute mom did not have the heart to leve me at the store But her dont play as much wif me like her do HIM the BUG EYES SNIFF SNIFF
AUNT Sshirley send me specal to my mom fur X-mas mamy cry when her see me HER loves me the best i am a Cow and u all do know my bean is cracy about cows We live in the city so her can not have a you know her name me after my Aunt my name is SHIRLEY MOO MA dont u just love us all Go to u will love it lol
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