Monday, September 29, 2008

A letter to my beautiful Bossy

A note to all of you Bloger friends who come and leve a comment on here Do not after u see this feel you you have to leve a comment but i do hope u will come and read about my story about my babys thank you all LOA Here you are my beautiful boy Bossi with your sissy Steppa Being Mammy and Daddy to yout littel babys SHMOO MUS JR MAN AND TT Bossy i hope i will take better care of them i am trying to forgive my self for leting you get out and get kild by god knows what Iam going to use this Blog to talk to about your babys and Steppa I just want the pain to go way NO one wants to talk to me about u But i do my kids and huspand think if i dont talk about u i will qute missing u