Monday, September 29, 2008

A letter to my beautiful Bossy

A note to all of you Bloger friends who come and leve a comment on here Do not after u see this feel you you have to leve a comment but i do hope u will come and read about my story about my babys thank you all LOA Here you are my beautiful boy Bossi with your sissy Steppa Being Mammy and Daddy to yout littel babys SHMOO MUS JR MAN AND TT Bossy i hope i will take better care of them i am trying to forgive my self for leting you get out and get kild by god knows what Iam going to use this Blog to talk to about your babys and Steppa I just want the pain to go way NO one wants to talk to me about u But i do my kids and huspand think if i dont talk about u i will qute missing u


goldenshade said...

Loa sweetie, you have to forgive yourself. Bossy wouldn't want you feeling such pain.

Purrs Goldie and Shade

Anonymous said...

Do not feel that your kids and husband are bad.. Like my Dadda they just hate to see the ones they love in pain and go for the quick fixes :)

Things always happen for reasons, even though they seem very dark most times.
as Goldie and Shade says, Bossy would hate to see you hurting so much and not be able to do anything about it.

All I can say is think like the situation was reversed, ifs you woz watching your loved ones from the other side, would you want to see them in pain, how helples you would feel.
Everyboddy is different so iz very hard to give advice on this.
I like to talk about the people, celebrate their life, the good times, the funny stories. It is not the passing of someboddy that should linger, yet the lessons, experiences and life. That is what should remain in our whole being as they is the pieces that shaped our lives :)

We would love to hear your stories of beautiful Bossy :)


momsbusy said...

i am glad you are ready to talk about bossy. it breaks my heart that you are still hurting. i want to hear the story, but most of all i want you to heal.