Friday, October 3, 2008

HI IT IS ME me the Ice Quen Steppa

Well u all the bean is taking a brack from taking about me and my bubba Bossy her going to make a BIO about us her gat to finde all the pix of us this BIO will make u cry and smile a lot my Bubba Bossy was a mess and u get to see when my babys come to the world
my bean is telling her self her can find all the pic of us i am going to lay her in my Big box OO can u all tell me IS THIS BOX MAKING ME LOOK FAT O HER ORED A FINK OF THE WEB TO TAKE ALL HER 3 AND 1/2 FLAPPY ON TO A CD Me and Bossy ar all on a flappy u know from in the day so if u dont see us on her dont worry the rest of cat fami will stop an see u alls blogs BUT ME IAM JUST STEY HER AND BOX PS bean wants to sey fank to all u furbays for your kind words and for leting your baby's use your PC to come and see us HUGS AND ROSES TO ALL
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