Saturday, August 29, 2009


Tinker were ar u

Tinher come out her ever you are
QUIET!!!!!!!!!!!! Yelling iam just trying toget some some ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ
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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Thank you one and all

Me and my babys want thank all u furbabys and the beans fur helping them wif the wissis fur the birtday we had a good one and now us furbabys know wher we belong her on cat bloger best regarts to u all STEPPA the MOM

Sunday, August 23, 2009

We ar 4 years old to day

ME shmoo am 4 to day 8/24/05
I am MUS Shmoos sissy
and Iam JR MAN and we ar all the babys of steppa and Bossy
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Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Bean sey Iam a Stinker so let the us know what u all fink of my name Her fink Truffell to long
Do i look like a Stinker noooooooooooo MY name is Tinker for her baby TT
and her picked Bell for her Bossi Her tell me he like to fly all over and clime up hi Well me to
and her sey i beautiful and funny looking like TT my bean have 5 babys and i fik they werry rood they spit on me and hiss i have to stey in bean room shmoo he try to kill me but bean save me and her had to kick him to get him of my neck He rely had the bite on my neck trying to get blood bean her get so scard and her cry her fin i was dead fur was all over now bean sey he is in the dog house I DONT know dog house
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Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Well here we are me and fis BIG BIG GUY But he tell me he a littel guy someone has ben lieing to hims he he But i will call him littel guy if him play wif me and wont fink am a snak
Here is my webkinz i just took it of the dresser and i was just going to put it back later
NO NO her the bean get all bend and put me in time out and gess who come and save me a man bean and mom bean tell me he my new dady well look at the last photo
time out
And her iam traning my new bean daddy he fink iam funny and silly to
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Friday, August 7, 2009

homeless can you help

Ilove Webkins
HI IAM LOST AND NOW ONE WANTS ME EXSEPT THISS OLD BEAN BUT HER HUBBY DONT WANT ME HEY SEY WE DONT HAVE NO MORE pet $$$$$$$ iam about 8-6wk weeks and i just showed up at the ladys house and no one knowes wher i came from i am not scard of wuffys or big furballs when they hiss and spit at me George is nice to me and Mus her pley wif me If u poke me i purr and i am werry good at it iam a lover girl in your face he he i love fefus and snuggel So can u give me a good home befor i get to old to go I use my BOX iam going to be a big girl wif long heair iam going to be big like Lover Guy George i am going to be beautiful and unek
iam going to be big like this Lover Guy Her iam trying him and leting him know I will one day be the BOSS
Her iam looking at this funny old bean wif a flassy box her is allways usen it finkin u all will fall in luv wif me Posted by Picasa