Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Bean sey Iam a Stinker so let the us know what u all fink of my name Her fink Truffell to long
Do i look like a Stinker noooooooooooo MY name is Tinker for her baby TT
and her picked Bell for her Bossi Her tell me he like to fly all over and clime up hi Well me to
and her sey i beautiful and funny looking like TT my bean have 5 babys and i fik they werry rood they spit on me and hiss i have to stey in bean room shmoo he try to kill me but bean save me and her had to kick him to get him of my neck He rely had the bite on my neck trying to get blood bean her get so scard and her cry her fin i was dead fur was all over now bean sey he is in the dog house I DONT know dog house
but her still luv him meny CAT Posted by Picasa


Grr, Midnight & Cocoa said...

Oh dear - you poor little thing! We think Tinker Bell is a great name for you, but we want you to stay safe and not get eaten. When Grr was trying to eat Riley, we put a collar with bells on it around Grr's fluffy neck. Riley learned that whenever she heard bells, she should RUN. Now the worst Grr does is glare at Riley, but it took almost a year. Purrs!

Mickey,Georgia , Tillie said...

Hi Tinker Bell!! That is a sweet name,just like you :)
We hope Shmoo learns to like you. It may take some time. We like Grr& family's advice. Maybe it will work for you!!
We love your furs :) So pretty!!!
Purrs Mickey, Georgia & Tillie

DEBRA said...

Hello Tinker Bell
We just love your name and we think it befits a lovely little girl like yourself...


ML said...

Tinker Bell, you are such a precious little girl.
We think you should follow Grr's Mommy's advice also, those bells would give you a head start.
I's gotted a specshul post on you on the Cat Blogosphere tomorrow, Friday, so effurryone can meet you.
Love & Purrs,

Anonymous said...

Good morning, Tinker Bell, and happy Friday to you!

The Creek Cats said...

Tinker Bell, you are just precious!!!
Wish you all a happy weekend!

Everycat said...

Hello Tinker Bell, it's so very nice that you got to stay. Did Loa rehome the hubby?

Your name is just right!

Wicked Wuudler

The Island Cats said...

Hi ya, Tinker Bell! Aren't you a cutie pie! It's so nice to meet you!

Wally, Ernie & Zoey

Karen Jo said...

I think Tinker Bell is a great name for you. I hope that Shmoo learns to like you soon.

Katie and Da Katz said...

dats a goods name, Tinker Bell!

u iz purrtee Tortie.

I iz Tortie. Mai name iz Bella
Me iz 12 weeks old n just gotted a noo home wif my bruffur Elliot. We gots dogs and anufur kitty to plays wif! But Dey likes us n we sleeps wif dem.

dat is furry bads uv Shmoo... him goh bye bye?!? or be goods!

Bella Baby

Katie and Da Katz said...

weze hopes to helps wif ur vet bills a bit next month... u iz too cyoot.

Daisy May n

brandi said...

Tinker Bell is a very sweet name for you, little one. I am glad you have a nice home, but be careful around the others for a while. It takes time to blend into a family... try Housecat Housecalls if you have cable tv. They have older episodes on the computer and even about new kitties in families.