Monday, September 1, 2008


Let me tell u about my self i luvs my bean and the ladys GRRR I got to have a baf or i get werry un happy, i will not qute Nipiling on my bean till her gets me cleand up. Steppa is nuts about me so is her kid TT and i just let them love me over and over my bean dont take pix of u they are XXXX. I am cute BUT do not mess wif my tale or my feet GRR but my bean her can only when her is giving me my weet was down i love water but do not wet my FEETTTTTTTTTT he he i give u kissis head buts sleep on u till u loos all your air lol my bean calls me most of the time her littel guy we fink iam litte dont U iam only 24 pouns lol iam 7 yers old and all i one werry happy fur bay