Monday, November 22, 2010

geting better

Hi u all As you can see i have started to open my eyes little bit
me and my bean want to thank all your furbabys fur leting your bean use your putter
well i just found out i live in a big house wif 5BIGGGGGGGGG fur monsters they see me and SPIT on me they don have no maners so me and Tinker bell live in beans room and wow she is one UNhappy bean lol so now she is going to throw all the beans out so we Me&T.bell
can have a BIG ROOM lol BEAN told me not furget to say furtank you fur comin my and sey hi to me OK come and you can give me a kiss if u want to lol I like kisses bean kiss me a lot lolPosted by Picasa

Thursday, November 18, 2010


I don't meow i was fount out side on the 10/30/by a little girl bean and she took me home to her grandma 2 days later Grandma took me to the vet I Was sneezing a lot and my eyes running and Old Grandma was thinking i was just 8wk old i was 2.5pounds lol But the vet gave the old granny the bad news iam 6 mo old nothing but skin and bones cant open my eyes do to yellow Yukky coming down like tears So herare my first photos of me teh bean granny calls me Squek it is all i can do it SQUEK lol