Tuesday, October 28, 2008




Now wher is my old bed Do u call this being #1 i dont fik so and just as i get confy the daddy bean coms and tell me ME #1 to move he is just so rudddddddddd samtime i want to put the bite on him but he wont let me he is no funn And as u can see i am just a LITTEL GUY but i neet a big bed
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Anonymous said...

That is berry rude, but I am sure that he loves you!
I can not see your real eyes only little white eyes.. OMG has your eyes moved?!?!? :P hehe


Mickey said...

Oh Lover Guy!!!! You look SO good on that chair!! Your Dad needs to find another chair!!
Remember...Cats Rule!!!!! heehee
Purrs Mickey

caspersmom said...

Hey, I get upset too when I'm ousted when I'm sleeping. Mom just did it to me cause she wanted to sit in front of the computer and I was sleeping on her chair. I think it's rude too. Only thing is we wouldn't be visiting now if she didn't oust me.