Friday, October 17, 2008

my new mamy????


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i am make beleve i can finde a ninny and my bean came in and seen this on her bed my wuffy let me do this and then wuffy and i go to sleep see i am just 3yers old and samtime my mom steppa let me and shmoo do this heheheh we just babys


Mickey said...

Are you teasing your Mom? Heehee
She must have been surprised to see that!!! Hahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!
Purrs Mickey

caspersmom said...

I enjoyed your stories on Bossi and Steppa. They are so cute. I'm glad it's helping you a bit Loa in the hurting. Now this kitty and Wuffy is another story??

Sweet Praline said...

I'm not so sure about this! Maybe you need to talk to a therapist.

goldenshade said...

Hee hee!! You have to get where you can right??

Anonymous said...

haha it looks very bad! But I knows that it is just trying to get in a warm cozy spot :)
I bet it would have given your Momma lots of warm giggles! :)


momsbusy said...

wow, that "little" puppy sure did get big! she sure did turn out to be the perfect friend to all the kitties.