Saturday, October 18, 2008

x-mas in iceland

well Xmas did not go well in iceland our 1st one

and our bean told us over and over it was going to be our last one. Iceland dont have trees so we made do After all it all about having funn Right and trying to burn the house down and his wiskers and paw BOSSY BOSSY BOSSY my mamy told him But her did not know i tell him to do it when my mamy was not looking but he was slow moving so mamy see him do it NEWER ME IAM A GOOD GIRL

here he is wondring my mamy wont light it so he can play wif it my broy was so funny and silly me and mamy know u ar all tierd of hering about him Posted by Picasa but we is having funn doing this but thank to all of u for droping by to sey hi WELCOME BACK CASPER


Moki Joe Designs said...

We dont understand why your mommie wont light the candle...playing with fire is so much fun...hehe...

Anonymous said...

Never tired of hearing about him and I am sure it is so very nice for your Momma to be remembering happy times! :)
This is very impawtant, whens we thinks it must always be happy thoughts! :)

PES: you iz just a little naughty telling him to do that! :P hehe


momsbusy said...

at least they were small enough that they didn't bend the branches on the tree. i had to save our tree from droopy branches after our 17 lb. boy climbed in the tree and took naps while we were at work. lol

steppa and bossi were just spoiled little kitties having fun. too cute!

caspersmom said...

Well, I think it was a good thing not to light the candle, especially if Bossi wanted to play with it. Sure looked like you had fun in the Christmas tree. Mom gets mad at me cause I like to undecorate them, although she hasn't put garland on them in a few years now. It's so great remembering the fun times.