Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Hi U all good looking furbabys Iam TT and today am bloging
Furst i have to make sure the bean is not standing behind me wif the flesy box if her see me ON her L.P i am dead ok i dont know how to blog but all of u will help ??? right ???
Now how do i do thid HALLOW U ALL IN HER I DONT SEE U hurry i dont have all day the bean can come in the room HURRYYYYYYYYYY
Just forget it Iam a dead cat now O NO MAMY I WAS NOT bloging JUST WAVING HALLOOOOOOOOO U
bloging mede my eyes look funny Posted by Picasa


momsbusy said...

hi tt! furst thing yu need to no is donts sit on the puter. yu cants hit the kees dat way.


Mickey said...

Oh TT!!! Too bad you got caught!! :0
You need to see if your siblings know how to blog or maybe your Mom will help if you ask her nicely :)
Good luck,TT!!
Purrs Mickey

ML said...

You's so busted! Hee hee.
Love tha lazer eyes, TT.
Love & Purrs,

Anonymous said...

haha I knowz how your eyez feel!!
Dadda lets my sister sit anywhere she wants.. he tells her to write to her boyfriends when she runs across the keyboards.. not do the same thing for me though!! Hrrmp!
Daddas girl she is...


Sweet Praline said...

Aren't you in charge of the blogging anyway? You have nothing to feel guilty about.