Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Good morning SRETCHHHHHHHHHHHHHH I GEORGE AKA LUVER GUY fink Thursday is going to be our day BLAK CAT FLUFF DAY tirst this site NOW we role over to show the ater side AND then we give the bean the u are to close look Well i fink i just going to go look out the window u at to close to my face GRRRRRRRR


Anonymous said...

haha it gets them every time doesn't it George :P

YOu iz a very big boy, and Momma like your curly two tone tummy furrs, how did you get it like that? IT must be a good cat-dresser as it has been permed AND colored and is still in such good condition :))


momsbusy said...

ooooooo, a floofy tummy!!!! i want some of that!!! please????

Anonymous said...

Now THAT is Floof!

Sweet Praline said...

That's some good looking floof!

goldenshade said...

George!! You are such a gorgeous big boy!!!!

Purrs Shade

Mickey said...

George,you are a pawsome Mancat!!!!!!
Great floof,great colour!!!
Purrs Mickey

Mickey said...

I am happy you liked my Bogart picture heeheehee
Purrs Mickey