Friday, December 11, 2009

hi u all

JR MAN and Lover guy
we are naping on the new fuffy bed
Hey wuffy do u see what i see???
well littel kitty dont see nothing but i wll sit her wif u Ps TINKER has ben fixt and wuffy and Lover guy are the only ones who love her PORE BABY
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caspersmom said...

Boy, that new fluffy bed sure does look comfy. Nap well my friends. Hope, Tinker is doing well after her gardenectomy. Sure wish the rest of the house kitties would join Lover guy and wuffy with their friendship with the sweet little Tinker. Keep looking out that window something will show up to look at.


momsbusy said...

we still love tinker!

yuki, kintaro & tt

caspersmom said...

You're on Jr. Man.


caspersmom said...

We hope that all of you, doggies, kitties and beans of one of the Merriest Christmas's ever and a really Great New Year.

Casper and crew

Kaz's Cats said...

We're glad that Tinker is doing okay, and that at least two of her new furry family like her. Big purrs to you guys for taking her in and helping her. We hope the other kitties will learn to love her in time (or at least leave her alone),


Gypsy & Tasha