Tuesday, February 3, 2009


yu Dont be leve the bean if her tell u iam going to eate them ok iam just looking

U see i was lost in the wood fur8 days and i dont get to go out so i just wif her plants when in the house
i cant hear you bean I KNOW I KNOW i eate your plants BUT u did no grow me grass OK I BE GOOD
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Margaret Cloud said...

Brfore my Melody went to the Bridge, in nice weather, I use to go outside and get her a handful of grass to eat. You was caught on camera, if you give headbutts and purrs to you

Ozark Mountain Cats said...

What beautiful kitties you are. Even Wuffy is ok, in a dogggie kinda way.

Our biped (bean) gave up on having indoor plants. She said sumthing about us being goats in a previous life.

Ollie and friends

Name: Mr. Hendrix said...

uh oh, beans get so upset about us eating their plants. i am lucky my mommy grows me cat grass. i looove grazing on cat grass.

just remember, even when caught on camera, deny deny deny

momsbusy said...

a certain white cat in our house loves to sneak and eat mommees flower arrangements. we always know when she does it cuz she pukes it all back up.


caspersmom said...

Oh oh, caught in the act. Mom won't let us eat her plants, they are all outside except when she thinks it is going to go below freezing then she brings some of them in to the wash room. Then she shuts the door and we can't get in there. She keeps saying she is going to grow us some kitty grass but I have yet to see it.