Friday, February 20, 2009

I sowwy

Hey bean kid i sowwy i sneeze in your eye can u wipe my lip kank youPosted by Picasa


Margaret Cloud said...

I have had my animals sneeze on me, but never in the eye, uk, they look like they are sorry. Have a nice weekend.

Anonymous said...

HAHHAH what a good shot!!! HSHHAHH
Bean kid is lucky to be anointed with the magical kittey snot of the ages!! hahah

pes: momma goes "eewww" hhe


momsbusy said...

first yu suck up tha milk then yu sneezed in hers eye. way to go! what yu gonna do to finish up?


caspersmom said...

I have sneezed Mom in the face but I don't think I ever got her in the eye. Good shot. Although you do look a little sorry, it's good that you look sorry, makes them think you mean it.