Friday, January 9, 2009

My Sutt Man Shmoo

SUTT MAN this is taken efter mammy clean me up Iam neking in her room
her still not see me her face behind the silver klikky box
Dont look at me i did not do nuthing JR Man told me to go in the Sutt cave he un cover it fur me i fink it was full of stinky goodness Dont u fink iam beautiful just like Casper
My beans lips ben moving a lot i dont fink her not happy a turn sutty But i dont hear her so she can move her lips all she wants hehehehe OK BABYS wher am i going to sleep?????????
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caspersmom said...

Whoa! What a pile of kitties on Mom's bed. At least you are getting along. Don't know if it's wise sneaking into Mom's bedroom or not. Cleo and I had to stay in Mom's room for about a month because of the Christmas tree so it could have been better if we could sneak out of Mom's room. Steppa was that you being held? You are prettier than me.


Mickey,Georgia , Tillie said...

Yikes!!!!!!! Shmoo,you really got covered in soot didn't you!!!!!!!!
How long did it take to get you white again? heehee
That is a neat cat pile on the bed!! hahahahahaha
Purrs Mickey

Everycat said...

Haha! Oh such sootyness! Did you leave little black paw prints everywhere? Lovely to see you all snuggled on the bed together - no room for humans there! Tee Hee!

Whicky Wuudler

Goldie, Shade and Banshee said...

That kind of looks like fun, I have to admit!!!

Purrs Goldie

Margaret Cloud said...

I think you are beautiful and the other furbaby's, you all look so cute on the bed, try and stay out of trouble, I know cats are nosy.

Anonymous said...

Oh, that looks like a very comfy bed. No wonder the pile o' kitties claimed it!

Anonymous said...

HAHH Shcmoo! You was a camouflaging so you could stick to the shadows when sneaking into Mommas room huh?

I love your look! I bet you looked much funnier before Momma cleaned you up :)
hehhe and Hay giys! Maked-ed some room for the Momma and dadda!!


momsbusy said...

schmoo, be careful next time your momma might give you a B-A-T-H!