Friday, December 5, 2008





your bean is so mad at the worls her is hissing hehe ans as u can see we is redy to go but no yet still painting and stuff bean sey her neet some young blod to hep her She missis u all and will come and see u soon
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Everycat said...

Awww look at you with only a bin to sit in! New house, make with the magic and be ready soon!

You'll get there.

Whicky & Family

momsbusy said...

tell yur bean she cood let yu help her paint. yu helped her before. she jus dont knows good help when she gots it right in front of her nose!


Anonymous said...

I thinks your Momma over looked your little paws!! I mean who would not want painted paws everywhere.. I knowz my Momma would.. haha

You Momma sounds like she needs a good cuddle!! :)) get on it guyz!! :)


Sweet Praline said...

We miss you too! Hopefully, things will get straightened out soon!

Mickey said...

Hahahahaha!!! I like those bins you are in!! I think I want one too!!!!!
Watch out for the paint!! I hope your Mom is neater than mine!!!
Purrs Mickey

Margaret Cloud said...

Cats sure like to get inside of things, you furries are so cute looking, I like you so much I put you on my side bar.

caspersmom said...

Hey ya, you could help your Mom paint by using your tails. Then maybe you could get in the other house faster. You do look cute in those bins though. Tell your Mom not to overwork herself though. My Mom knows all about that when we moved. At least you don't have to really hurry with someone else breathing down your neck to get into the house that was sold. Gosh, they were almost moving in as we were moving out.


Anonymous said...

Hay guys! sorreh to post again but I wanted to say thank you for your birfday wishes!! :))


Everycat said...

I nominated you all for an award, come by and pick it up when you have some time. I hope the painting is going well!

Whicky Wuudler