Saturday, November 29, 2008

this is to slow




Hope u all did have a good thanks giving Well the old man got me all new look at photos don't know how to spell it ahahhahahahah we are wating for them to bring in and put on new counters tops me and hubby got to take the old and ugly one off i hope i will get in befor xmas
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Anonymous said...

Sa-weet! New stainless appliances all the way around! Mom did that last year. Her favorite things are the new over-the-range microwave and the new dishwasher. The old one still worked OK, but it made a gigantic racket! Mom loves her new appliances!

Everycat said...

This looks like a shiny new kitchen to us. Lots of room to store cat fuud in, we approve of this. Hope things are going well in your new home!

Whicky Wuudler

Anonymous said...

Wowie they are gorgeous!!
make sure your dadda gets the special stuffs to clean them withs.
Momma was gonna get a shiny new fridge just like that one till we found out how much of a pain they are to keep clean.. so she opted for the plain old boring white ones, but they still makes little beeps and stuff which is fun!

They are very beautiful and I hopez you show us you cooking up a storm with them :))